rent ●spectator then present with a species of ▓awe, of ve

neration, that could hav▓e bo

wed every knee in unfeigned homage▓.Stars of

diamonds glittered in h▓er raven hair, and sparkled down the bodice an●d front of her dark velvet robe.The fi▓rst glance of all rested immovably▓, seemingly

fascinated, on her; the next ●turned on the slight figure

she l▓ed forward; but every curious effort

to dis●cover the stranger’s identi●ty was rendered vain by the thick shroudi●ng veil which completely enveloped her; permitt●ing nothing but the tiny foot

and exquisitely●-turned ankle to be visible. A strong s?/p>

坔udder had convulsed the form of Vincenz▓io; h

e tried to step forward, ▓to speak, but all power appeared to forsak▓e him, till a voice, sweet, clear, and silvery▓, uttered the simple words “I will,〃埍 the customary

rejoinder to the priest〃埊s demand, “wilt thou accept t●h

is man as thy

wedded lord,” an●d its atten

dant vows to “love, honour, and obey▓.” The voice thrilled through him, awa

ke▓ning him to consciousness, h▓e knew not how or why; and he saw he was● kneeling before the alt

ar, be▓side that veiled and shrouded form by who▓m Gonzalvo and his daughter were both stand▓ing, a

s if from their hands he rec

eived her.▓Gradually everythi

ng became distinct;▓ La Palice was at his side, his hand upon his ▓shoulder, as if r

ousing him f▓rom that deadening stupor.He r●ecognised his friends amidst the noble ▓group standing around.Had the marriage vow b▓een adminis

tered to him If so, he must hav▓e replied, or the ceremony could not have ●continued, but he knew no

t he● had spoken; and what

had in▓ fact aroused him—a voice!—whose voice—t▓o w

hom was he

irrevocably jo▓ined Not that one whom his fevered ●fancy had so wil

dly pictured, for ▓she stood there looking on the ceremony,

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